Merito – “Excellence in service”

Conrad’s Auto was birthed out of an ever changing car market and specifically recognizing the changing needs of the buyers’ as well as sellers’. Conrad’s Auto was officially launched in January 2009.

Having been in the industry for 20 years, of which the last 8 years was focused specifically on the exotic and sport car market with the Investment Car Group, I’ve learned through many ups and downs that it is all about people’s needs and no one client is ever the same. Conrad’s Auto is focused on attending to the needs of the buyer / seller and the only way in which they can be satisfactorily met is through honesty, integrity and personal attention. It is my belief and goal to always exceed people’s expectations hence the trading name, Merito Trading, which means “Excellence in Service”.

When purchasing a vehicle from Conrad’s Auto

  • Finance arranged if required
  • Roadworthy of vehicle
  • Registration and licensing of vehicle
  • Number Plates
  • Transfer of motor plan if applicable

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